Net-Zero, Green & LEED Design



Super-Insulated, Galvalume Acrylic Coated Thermal Panels


SIPLOCK high-energy efficient design is indistinguishable from conventional structures.

Steel I-Beam framing system and high-thermal mass 26 Gauge Steel clad EPS SIP.


Look closer, unlike other building systems. SIPLOCK is perfectly square, level, flat and true. All loads go to steel columns and concrete piers. Walls and roofs accept any siding, roofing and trim materials.


SIPLOCK Net-Zero shell design optimizes energy savings and comfort.

Oak Ridge National Labs recently stated that 40% of heat loss is due to air leakage.


  • The wall system panels are 9” thick for a super insulated R38.
  • The roof system panels are 11” thick for a super insulated R46.
  • Unmatched air- tight SIP construction and weatherization.
  • No SIP off-gassing hazard.
  • IR energy reflective steel skin SIP. Very low thermal and solar gain.
  • Very low heat loss and heat gain.


SIPLOCK “Is simply Better ”





Net-Zero & Green Energy Star Design