SIPLOCK Forever is a sales engineering company providing for the construction of Net Zero Energy & Green, dried-in shell buildings, supplied by SIPLOCK Panel Systems.  


Peter J Bauer, SIPLOCK Forever CEO, has recently completed a SIPLOCK building shell on LI, NY. The 4 Beverly project is a three level waterfront home designed to replace a home destroyed by hurricane Sandy in 2013.

Working in conjunction with the building owner and SIPLOCK Panel Systems the building shell was put up and dried-in during a seven-day period, in May of 2014.


A key component of the building shell is its steel I-beam and SIP construction system, offered by SIPLOCK Panel Systems.

SIPLOCK Panel Systems has developed a unique connector clip assembly to fasten the Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) between structural steel I-beam columns (framing members). The framing members, SIP and connector clips are engineered as a “mass wall” and “mass roof” assembly. The assembly, when attached to concrete piers and a slab foundation becomes a monolithic structure. The building can be designed to withstand CAT 5 and Tornado force winds.


Getting to NET ZERO


  1. Design and construct a High Performance building shell to dramatically reduce energy loads.
  2. Optimize design of active systems. Geothermal, Heat Pump, Co-generation, Fcell.
  3. Utilize on-site passive renewable energy technologies. PV, Solar, Water, Wind.